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Turbo Tuner TM

  Fully automatic screwdriver antenna controller for:

Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu radios.





New Turbo Products Available !!! NOW !!!


The Turbo Loop !!!

Transmitting loop Antenna 6.75 MHz - 30 MHz

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Turbo Tuner Universal !!!

Semi-automatic tuning with ANY radio.

Great for vintage radios TS-50, FT-100, Alinco


         Plug and Play with your  radio.

         The controller will find the lowest SWR for a given frequency.

         Fully automatic adjustment of the screwdriver antenna to the current operating frequency.

         No calibration required Just plug it in and tune!

         Tuning is initiated with the tune control located on the radio.

         All tuning is performed with 10 watts or less.

         The controller is RFI filtered and is RF bullet proof to full legal limit.

         Current rating up to 2 amps for driving large screwdriver antennas.

         Works with most Icom HF radios 706, 7000, 756 Pro, 746 Pro, 718 with a CI-V Port and a Tune button.

         Works with Kenwood TS-480, TS-2000, TS-570.

         Works with Yaesu FT-897, 857.  Works on 160 & 75 Meters does not use ATAS circuitry. (Does not work with FT-100 or FT100D) .

         Park function that will automatically lower the antenna to its shortest position.

         Fully plug and play with Tarheel Antennas and Hi-Q and Scorpion Antennas and High Sierra and most others.

        30 Day satisfaction guarantee which allows you return it if not completely satisfied.

         Life Time no matter what warranty for parts & labor. Unless the case is charred or melted and maybe even then if you have a good story. 

         Well it happened we got back a Turbo Tuner that was charred and melted it came from an installation in a hybrid car. The PL 259 were welded to the Turbo Tuner a coax connected to the Turbo Tuner was dropped on the main battery bus + side. The Turbo Tuner was replaced for free not sure about the radio! BTW the lifetime warranty is for the original owner only.

                  Download the Icom Turbo Tuner Manual

Download the Icom 7000 Turbo Tuner Manual

                 Download the Kenwood Turbo Tuner Manual               

                 Download the Yaesu FT-857/897 Manual

                  Download the Yaesu FT-450/950 Manual 

                  Download the Turbo Tuner Universal Manual


    You Can order your Turbo Tuner from the following Distributors:


    Ham Radio Outlet

    Amateur Electronic Supply





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